Road safety begins with buying the right tyre

We're here to educate you all about them: from basic must-knows to tips on general maintenance.


Follow these quick tips when purchasing new tyres

Look Out For Visible Defects

Left to the elements, tyres can deform or crack. Observe how your tyre shop stores their tyres.

Check such as cracks and cuts, observe and see whether the tyre shop is able to seat the tyre on properly.

Tyre Shelf Life and Manufacturer's Warranty

There's no need to worry about getting the "freshest" tyres based on manufacturing date.

Find out more about the warranty periods from the tyre shop or manufacturer. Tyre manufacturers typically warranty their product for 5 years from the date of manufacturing and tyres that are for sale will usually have warranty periods that exceeds the replacement cycle. That means you will most likely replace your tyre from wear and tear before the warranty runs out.

Find out more about the warranty periods from the tyre shop or manufacturer.

Choosing the right tyre size and tread patterns

The owner's manual should indicate the suitable size of tyres that will fit your rim. For aftermarket rims, please approach your tyre shop for their advice. Based on your needs, you might opt for a particular type of tread pattern over orders.

Find out more about the tyre measurements and tread patterns in our article here.

Check Out These Other Tips

The Importance of Tyres in Road Safety

When you think of the safety features of a car, you’d most likely think of the side mirrors, the seatbelts and the airbags. While these three are certainly on that list, there’s another important part of the car which many vehicle-owners overlook: the tyres.

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Getting to know your tyres: 3 Things you need to know

Trying to read and understand your tyres may be a daunting task – especially for first-time vehicle owners. However, learning how to do so is infact a useful skill to have.

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Maintaining Your Tyres: A General Care Guide

In general, tyres last an average of 2 years with daily use. Although you do not have to change them so frequently, it is always good to check your tyres regularly to look out for any early signs of damage and act on it accordingly.

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